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Never Forget Habits Again with Habitify

Never Forget Habits Again with Habitify

Not doing the thing you wanted to do simply because you forget to do it? That could be a tremendous setback when you try to build habits, especially for those living a fast-paced life.
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Have you ever felt that you really want to spend time with your loved personal habits, i.g: read more books, spend more time in our respectful relationships, or pick up a healthy habit like running or meditation, but you’re so caught up in your work, hence ultimately forget to do what-we-should-have-been-doing. 

Habit building is hard, then Habitify was created to make it easier. With Habitify reminders system, you'll never forget to do your habits again. Let us explain how: 

#1 New habits easily get lost among your already busy schedules, but we’ve got your back

The trouble with the  busy life is that we all want to get more things done with less time. Hence we are always swamped with the excessive amount of work. 

As a result, we often get absorbed in the more urgent tasks instead of focusing on what truly matters.

But wait, what exactly are they - the truly-matter things?

In the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey mentioned the 4 groups of time management matrix, which helps us decide whether a problem is worth noticing. Number one is both urgent and important, like emergencies, and deadline-driven projects. Number two is not urgent but important, such as capacity improvement, long-term planning. Number three is urgent but not important, like some calls, emails, meetings, or interruptions. And the last one is neither urgent nor important: time wasters, or trivial activities, etc.

time management matrix
Time management matrix

He suggests that we should stay away from the third and fourth groups because they are unnecessary. We should also try to cut down the first group as much as possible and prioritize the more important one: the second group - which has a long-term effect on our life. And one perfect representation of this group is building good habits.  

If you’re a while into your journey of habit building, you probably find out that the biggest reasons why we fail to complete our intended habits on a certain day is that they are rarely on our URGENT list. 

Under the pressure, or habitual behavior, of dealing with our so called urgencies at first hand, the nonurgent habits just slip our mind at that moment, despite us knowing well that they are what truly matter to us in the long run.

Leadership expert John Maxwell once said:

“Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”

Indeed, the idea of a little goes a long way is no longer new (especially to you habit enthusiasts right?) However, what it takes to incorporate new habits into our firmly built existing routine goes further than discipline. Sometimes all we need is just a good deed of reminders.

Why? Maybe you don’t notice this, but remembering what to do is already a burden when we have too many to handle on our todo lists. Sometimes we simply forget to do the things we want to do because we’re too busy with the thing we must do. 

In such a situation, having an accountability partner to remind ourselves of our should-dos matters. That’s why we created a habit reminder system that could never let you forget your habits again. Here it is:

  1. If you’re new to our app and still getting to know us, we automatically set up reminders everyday for you:
set reminder to never forget habits
Tab on Repeat to set up reminder

And this is what you’ll get - a reminder in the form of a push notification

Habitify reminder reminds you to actually do your habits
A reminder to check your habits list when the day starts, also readily set up for you
  1. But you realize that one reminder per habit is not enough for you then multiple reminders can help you achieve your goals. Some recurring habits that need to be done over one time in a day like drinking water, doing a mini exercise while working, or brushing your teeth,...
Habitify reminder
Set multiple reminders for a single habit with Habitify

With Habitify Premium’s User, you can set up as many reminders as you please for a single habit. This feature is incredibly useful as some habits are very small and easy to slip your mind. Multiple reminders also work like a charm when you need a stronger push to do something you’ve been procrastinating from time to time. 

  1. Your schedule is too hectic for a fixed daily reminder to work? Don’t worry, our super flexible system could cater to all of your diverse reminding needs:

If you have some habits on the list that are not expected to be done daily, in case you didn’t know, you could customize the frequencies of reminders by adjusting the frequencies of your habits in the “Repeat” tab:

set multiple reminders for a single habit
No matter what type of frequency you’re aiming for your habits, we’ve got your back

After that, you just need to set up the reminder as usual, and we would only remind you to perform your habits on the days you specified in the Repeat tab. Easy, right?

We understand that you ambitious folks never get any less excited about packing your days with to-dos. So if you're too busy to remember the personal habits, let Habitify be your second brain, taking care of all the memorizing, and you can entirely focus on implementing your planned schedule. 

#2 “But I’ve already had too many phone reminders!” you say. But hey, not all reminders are equal.

According to Christina Gravert in Behavioral scientist, she gets an average of 20-30 digital phone reminders vies for her attention.

Yet, we are now surrounded by reminders every day—some are those we schedule ourselves, for example, in Slack reminder, Google calendar reminder, or a daily reminder from your digital productivity app,... Some are automatically generated from other personal mobile apps such as all of which drowned in the flow of more push notifications from social media, emails, ecommerce apps, … the list goes on. 

That’s probably when sometimes we view push notifications as a stress contributor. Many say notification phobia is a real thing, and getting lost in the flow of endless pop-ups on our phone, urging us to do this and do that, could severely affect our productivity and mental health.

Yes, we all need a break from that. 

Among all those mess of notifications, have you ever felt like you were actually looking forward to one of them? That’s the kind of break you need. That’s why we said at the beginning of this section - not all reminders are equal.

To our surprise and gratitude, our users shared with us that Habitify reminders are one of those special push notifications. It’s hard to put into words how we appreciate that our reminders have been a mindful break for users.

We hope that we could help you find the same peaceful moments among your everflowing stream of urgencies, so that you could remind yourself of what truly matters to you in the long run. 

Take a break, make time for exercising, take care of your mental health, do that meditation session, nurture that healthy relationship… and you’ll be grateful for yourself later.

If you’re someone always on the go and having to hop around between different devices, no worries since we made Habitify available on all platforms (iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac). We hope this makes sure that you wouldn’t miss any reminder to take good care of your future. 

Habitify habit tracker
Habitify on Macbook

Last few words

With the high-paced modern way of life, our to-do lists seem to be stacked, the result of which is our feeling of exhaustion since we get lost in things we must do, not things we aspire to do

If this exhaustion goes on for too long, its detriment to our life goes further than productivity but also our self-motivation and self-esteem - that is when we start to distrust ourselves of our ability to change. 

On the contrary, managing to do what we should have been doing all along gives a great sense of satisfaction, which could be a great source of motivation to push us forward towards our long term goals. We know that we are making progress, regardless of not seeing immediate results.

To close this blog, I’d like to quote Ana, an amazing user of ours:

“It’s the peace of mind. It’s good to feel like the thing I’m doing at the moment is exactly the thing that I want to do.”

We truly hope that Habitify could help you finally get down to what you wanted to do, and develop your good habits. By the way, we’re thrilled to announce that we finally introduce Habitify X - our biggest update version ever. Check out Habitify here, try setting a few reminders today, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks, and you will be thankful for yourself later. 

But knowing what to do is not enough, we need to force ourselves to start and actually DO THEM. To know why, read How to Get Your Life in Perfect Order with Habitify here.