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The key to improve Self-Awareness: Self-Tracking

Self-Tracking for Self-Awareness

Self-quantification is the art of tracking yourself, with an aim to improve self-awareness through numbers. This article shows why self-tracking is so important to self-awareness, and then look at the kinds of things that you should be tracking about yourself and why.
Personal Development
why do we fail in achieving goals?

Biggest Reasons Why We Hardly Achieve Our Goals

Isn’t it universally true that picking a goal is easy, but sticking to it is difficult? In this article we will discuss the three biggest reasons why we hardly achieve our goals and the steps we can take to overcome this problem.
Personal Development
why tracking habit is the key to building habits

Why Tracking Habits is the key to Building Habits

If you want to make a high-performance habit stick, one of the methods that does seem to be consistently effective is habit tracking. Here’re why habits tracker is crucial.
Habit Building Guide
How positivity boosts productivity

How Positivity Boosts Productivity

If you want to improve your productivity, working yourself to exhaustion and stress might not be the answer. Explore a new, science-backed perspective that could take your performance to the next level - the role of Positivity on Productivity.
Personal Development
How goals could change your life, goal setting, personal development, habitify, habit, are goals are important, goals can make better changes, goals can make improvement

How Goals Could Change Your Life?

Have you ever grappled with the prospect of changing your life, and struggled to understand where to start? In this article, we delve down to the heart of the issue to help you keep goals and make the best of the rest of our small lives.
Personal Development
understand yourself through self-awareness

Personal Development Starts with Self-Awareness

A starting point for personal development is all about self-awareness. This blog will point out its benefits and some practical ways you could do to develop yours.
Personal Development
what is the effects of decision fatigue

Decision-Making Fatigue: How it affects you and what to do about it

Have you ever felt weary by the endless amount of decisions like what to eat, what to wear, or what we should buy? Then maybe you're experiencing decision fatigue. Here are its impacts and several simple guides to help you end this problem.
Personal Development
From $0 in 6 Months to 1M Downloads and $21,000/month - The Story of Habitify the habit tracker app

From $0 in 6 Months to 1M Downloads and $21,000/month - The Story of Habitify the Habit Tracker App

An interview between Failory and Alan Nguyen - growth lead at Habitify, on the story of how Habitify started and grew.
successful habit, habits is important for success

Why Habits are Important for Success

It is not uncommon to see lists of the “habits of highly successful people”. These lists often contain some great inspiration for habits that you might want to try and adapt for your own life. Let’s take a look at the three main reasons why successful peoples use the power of habit, and what kinds of habits are the most conducive to success.
Personal Development
Deadly Mistakes When Trying to Break Bad Habits, mistake when break bad habits

Deadly Mistakes Most People Make When Trying to Break Bad Habits

Most of us have, at least once in our lives, fallen prey to deadly habits that we can’t get rid of no matter how hard we try. Luckily, Habitify is here to provide that guidance and point out the deadliest mistakes most people make when trying to quit their addictions.
Habit Building Guide
app of the day, app of the day interview habitify, habitify habit tracker

An Interview with App of The Day: A Quick Lookback at How We Built Habitify

In an interview with App of The Day - one of the leading top software sites, we had a chance to share how Habitify was built and developed. If you care for some behind the scene of our app, feel free to explore here.
how to beat procrastination

4 Steps to Beat Procrastination with Habitify

We are all victims of procrastination at one point or another. In this blog, I am going to dig deep into the psychological reasons why you procrastinate and then point out several practical ways you can use Habitify to prevent procrastination. 
Habitify Academy
habit building, habit, habit forming, habit tracking, productivity, tips, simple tips to hack productivity, simple trick to hack productivity.

Simple Tricks to Hack Your Productivity

With the high-paced modern way of life, our to-do lists nowadays seem to be stacked, the result of which are burn-outs and low levels of overall productivity. We'll reveal some simple tricks that will allow you to hack your productivity for maximum growth in all spheres of life.
Personal Development
Why Financial Habits is important to success and fulfilling life

Why Financial Habits is Crucial to Success and Fulfilling Life

If you were ever asked to go back and change one thing in your life, the answer might be better financial habits. Explore practical ways that will help you manage your money wiser.
Personal Development
Signs of burnout and how to avoid, signs of burnout and how to overcome

Signs That You Are Burnt Out, And What To Do About It

Burnout is a risk we all face. Here is how to know if we are approaching burnout and ways to deal with it.
Personal Development
the compound effect of habit, continuous improvements, the power of habits

Magical Compound Effect of Habit - Being 1% Better Everyday

We are not in control of the impact of external events on our lives, but the internal changes that we do for personal development, need not always be drastic. Here is a unique aspect of how making small changes impacts us in a big way.
Personal Development
Common Habit Myths

3 Common Habit Building Myths That Are Holding You Back

Do you sometimes feel like you are following all the advice you can find on habits, but you are still struggling to make changes? To be frank, some of the most popular advice on habits is based on ideas that have been disproven by researchers. Here are 3 most common mistakes habit builders make.
Habit Building Guide
Habitify reached 1111111 users


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Learning and Unlearning in BLM, BLM stay informed, How to stay informed in BLM

Learning and Unlearning - How to Manage Our Beliefs in Times of Social Movements

We all live in times where the dissemination of accurate information has been riddled with sensationalist bullets. How can you decide if your set of beliefs is based on truth? How can you unlearn what you have learned and cherished for a number of years? This article will help you do it successfully. 
Personal Development
how to set goals, how to achieve work-life balance, how goal setting helps achieve work-life balance

3 Ways Goal Setting Helps You Achieve Work-life Balance

Have you ever struggled with finding the right commitment and discipline to achieve the much sought after work-life balance? Sometimes, the solution can be as simple as setting goals. Here we discuss how you can do it. 
Personal Development