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how to use data to track your habit in a strategic way

Let Data Tell YOUR Story

Each person has their own enjoyment, but the ultimate fun of tracking your habits is that we get to see the progress, the changes, through different metrics. At Habitify, we have come to realize the power of data in habit-tracking, and we feel the incredible urge to let our users see, understand and acquire that power.
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Last time we talked about how to set up your habit tracking system and I promised to reveal the best part of habit tracking in this article. 

Each person has their own enjoyment, but I believe that most of you would agree that the ultimate fun of tracking your habits is that we get to see the progress, the changes, through different metrics. 

Seeing what we’ve done (as well as what we haven’t) does have a huge impact on our progress. The results of what we tracked not only spark our emotions and fuel our actions but also give us implications about our self-development. 

At Habitify, we have come to realize the power of data in habit-tracking, and we feel the incredible urge to let our users see, understand and acquire that power. So we dedicate lots of time into researching and developing the best progress analytics system for you:

Note: If you happen to be a data geek who never gets tired of seeking patterns and deriving insights, welcome on board. Allow me to boast for a second, but Habitify is going to be your next number one habit tracker. Please read on to see why: 

1. Lots, lots of data, readily calculated for you

Peter Drucker once said: 

What gets measured get managed

In fact, if there is one top-deciding factor of effective habit tracking, then it’s definitely the constant evaluation of progress. With that, you understand yourself at a deeper level, hence make better changes accordingly. To do this effectively, having a reliable system to report what you have done is necessary. 

However, what type of “report” you get significantly determines your perception of the habit-building journey. 

With Habitify’s world of Statistics, you would find helpful insights to leverage your habits. Habitify app works because it gives you a visual representation of your progress, getting to view your progress through different metrics and time frames, explore unexpected perspectives on your daily life, and self-growth. 

If you’re like most people, when it comes to habit tracking, you simply use the STREAK - how many days you have been completing a single habit - to assess your progress. Streak also plays a role in encouraging you to form your habit. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg of habit tracking.

habit streak
Streak indicates your habit’s frequency rate

Tip: You don’t want to break the streak, right? So you can use skip to keeps the chain going 

At Habitify’s single habit progress, you can also see your habit’s TREND. The trend line graph indicates your habit’s weekly and monthly performance. You can easily compare different weeks and months to have a more overall view of the habit-building journey.

habit trend

The Overall Progress Tab will show you the big picture of all your habits in 5 data dimensions, within various time frames of last 7 days, last 30 days, this month, last month, this year, and last year.  

  • Habit Trend: have an overview of your habit progress through a line graph, and easily see your habit performance. 
Habitify progress tab
  • Completion Rate: shows the percentage of completed habits out of the total that you have been logged. It also shows you the comparison of your performance over a long period of time
habit completion rate
  • Calendar: indicates how many days you stay consistent with your habit with the duration of time accordingly
habit calendar
  • Daily Average Performance: shows the average time counting of your habits. 
daily average performance
  • Total: represents total time you repeat habits from your habit's start date: 
data in habit tracker

At the top of the progress tab, The Avg Completion Rate line graph indicates your Weekly, Monthly and Yearly progress of all habits. It also shows you the comparison of your performance over a long period of time in percentage. 

Habitify progress tab
Habitify Progress Tab

With Habitify Progress Tab, you can unpack the trends in your development, revealing how consistent and successful you are with your habit goals, as well as devise a plan to improve the not-high-performance habits in the next period. 

2. Try to interpret all these habit data? We’ve got you covered with readily available comparisons and trends

Now we have a bunch of data on our hands and feel good knowing well how we’re progressing, but knowing is not enough. We need to put what we see into practice-changing our behaviors. Let us show you how Habitify could help.

As the number of habits increase, there comes the problem of analyzing and interpreting all of these habit data if you manually track your habits (using your notebook or bullet journal for example). Hence Habitify not only simplifies the whole process, but makes it more attractive by representing your data insights through visualization, making it so easy to see your performance in a few seconds. 

We know all these habit analytics stuff could be entirely new to most analog habit trackers, but once you get used to it, it's truly a whole new world and we need it so much that it became an inseparable part of habit tracking.

Eventually, what we care about are patterns. That’s why we carefully make it detailed, so don’t worry about missing anything. And as we move forward, each daily, weekly, and monthly reports can provide the data to strengthen your most important habits as well as improve on the lagging ones.

For example, from the Habitify Progress tab, you realize that Reading books is the best performing habit last month, then that effective data will increase your motivation to push you to read more books. You also see that you’re not drinking enough water as planned, and this data tells you to leave your table, take a short break and have a cup of water the next day. 

3.  Spare the burden of collecting data: we sync with Health apps for 100% data accuracy & automatic checking 

Tracking your habit somehow makes you feel tired and bored, as it requires your consistency. 

It’s our promise and honor to make Habitify a dedicated assistant who never stops seeking ways to better support and encourage you to move forward. That’s why we have always looked for more efficient ways to help users track habits, and finally, here it goes. 

Habitify is now synced with Heath Apps on multiple platforms, from iOS, Android, watchOS, and Website, so all your habits are always automatically and accurately tracked. 

Now, you don’t have to log in manually anymore, also you’re no longer worried about trying to equate data between your real-life and the app system. You can start with some simple steps below: 

Step 1: Create a new habit

Note: Your habit is synced with the Health App when you choose one from our suggestion tab.  

Step 2: Once you’ve created a habit, click on GOAL to sync your habit with Health app

With Health Sync, all of your workouts will always be tracked precisely, measuring your exact physical development automatically.

Last few words

Actually, the ultimate goals of habit tracking is to keep you on tabs and leverage your potential. 

Given all personal development tips out there, we believe that the only universal way to better yourself is to take consistent action, then reflect your progress, and make adjustments to improve.

The journey to personal growth is always a challenging one, where the toughest part lies in staying true to ourselves and constantly making improvements. Habitify, with its progress tracking and analysis system, would be your trusted friend who keeps you accountable and motivated. Start today, stay consistent, and you will feel the difference in no time.