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successful habit, habits is important for success

Why Habits are Important for Success

It is not uncommon to see lists of the “habits of highly successful people”. These lists often contain some great inspiration for habits that you might want to try and adapt for your own life. Let’s take a look at the three main reasons why successful peoples use the power of habit, and what kinds of habits are the most conducive to success.
Deadly Mistakes When Trying to Break Bad Habits, mistake when break bad habits

Deadly Mistakes Most People Make When Trying to Break Bad Habits

Most of us have, at least once in our lives, fallen prey to deadly habits that we can’t get rid of no matter how hard we try. Luckily, Habitify is here to provide that guidance and point out the deadliest mistakes most people make when trying to quit their addictions.
habit building, habit, habit forming, habit tracking, productivity, tips, simple tips to hack productivity, simple trick to hack productivity.

Simple Tricks to Hack Your Productivity

With the high-paced modern way of life, our to-do lists nowadays seem to be stacked, the result of which are burn-outs and low levels of overall productivity. We'll reveal some simple tricks that will allow you to hack your productivity for maximum growth in all spheres of life.
Why Financial Habits is important to success and fulfilling life

Why Financial Habits is Crucial to Success and Fulfilling Life

If you were ever asked to go back and change one thing in your life, the answer might be better financial habits. Explore practical ways that will help you manage your money wiser.
Signs of burnout and how to avoid, signs of burnout and how to overcome

Signs That You Are Burnt Out, And What To Do About It

Burnout is a risk we all face. Here is how to know if we are approaching burnout and ways to deal with it.
the compound effect of habit, continuous improvements, the power of habits

Magical Compound Effect of Habit - Being 1% Better Everyday

We are not in control of the impact of external events on our lives, but the internal changes that we do for personal development, need not always be drastic. Here is a unique aspect of how making small changes impacts us in a big way.
how to set goals, how to achieve work-life balance, how goal setting helps achieve work-life balance

3 Ways Goal Setting Helps You Achieve Work-life Balance

Have you ever struggled with finding the right commitment and discipline to achieve the much sought after work-life balance? Sometimes, the solution can be as simple as setting goals. Here we discuss how you can do it. 
Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen
Scheduling tips to achieve work-life balance, time management for work-life balance

3 Scheduling Tips to Achieve Work-life Balance 

Finding time for a productive day at work and equally satisfying time at home can be an impossible achievement for some. Here are some scheduling tips that will help you strike the right balance between your two important priorities of life – your work, and your life.
Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen
How to spark productivity out of sports, lessons from sports to be more productive, how sports boost productivity

How Sports Boost Productivity, Even If It's Not Your Cup of Tea

There is much more to sports than fitness and relaxation. Here are 4 ways sports habits could level up anyone's productivity.
Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen
Creative Ways to Improve Eating Habits with DIY

Creative Ways to Improve Your Eating Habits

Dieting could be fun if you think out of the box. Here are 3 unexpected ways to improve your eating habits.
Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen
How to prepare for post lockdown, what to do during lockdown, take advantage of lockdown time, quarantine changes life

Planning A New You Post Lockdown? Start Today!

The end of lockdown feels a little bit like new year, an opportunity for a fresh start. Figure out how to make the most out of this special time for professional development, personal finance management and establishment of healthy habits.
Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen
3 ways to improve your money management habits

3 Ways to Improve Your Money Management Habits

We all struggle with having a healthy respect for our finances. After all, it has more to do with the way you control money, rather than the amount you earn. Money management skill comes with practice and is more than just being on the path to financial independence.
Jack Cao
Jack Cao
Improve your productivity by having a cool hobby

How Hobbies can Drastically Improve Your Productivity

The source for your next boost in productivity may surprise you. You might think that hobbies are simply a distraction from your career or even a waste of time but actually picking up a well-thought-out hobby can give you so many unexpected benefits in your mental capacity. The important part is knowing what kind of hobby to take on and understand all the benefits that this strategy may bring.
Jack Cao
Jack Cao
meditation for gratitude

How to Meditate for Gratitude

To increase satisfaction and the happiness level of life, gratitude is a must in our daily package. Here is a simple four-step guide to combining tactics scientifically proven to help us live a more grateful life.
Jack Cao
Jack Cao
habits to make you more successful at work

3 Necessary Habits to Make You More Successful at Work

The right habits can make ordinary people deliver extraordinary quality in their work. Here are 3 must-have habits for everyone to become successful in this fast-changing world.
Jack Cao
Jack Cao
Meditation for concentration

How to Meditate for Focus and Concentration

For most of us, meditation would not come to mind when trying to find ways to increase focus and productivity. This is understandable. When it comes to the benefits of meditation, most of us think about relaxing or reducing stress. While this is true, meditation offers limitless opportunities for personal improvement, including increasing focus and productivity.
Jack Cao
Jack Cao
Meaningful goals in life

7 Meaningful Goals in Life (In Depth)

Chasing meaningful goals brings purpose and happiness into our lives. They are the compass leading to a fulfilled life full of growth and impact. These are 7 goals that can kickstart your journey to a more meaningful life.
Jack Cao
Jack Cao
Deadly mistakes in goal-setting

10 Deadly Goal Setting Mistakes in Personal Development

The wrong intention from the start already ruins our process: setting goals to impress other people, refusing to go beyond our Comfort Zone… and then we make more mistakes during the tracking and implementation. These are 10 goal-setting mistakes that I have gathered through personal experience, as well as learned from the top performers.
Jack Cao
Jack Cao
How many goals should I set at once for personal development

How Many Goals Should I Set At Once? [Personal Development]

So many of us have set up too many goals only to find ourselves achieving few to none of them. It’s just hard to handle everything at once. We then realize that we should have fewer goals to focus on, but how few, exactly, to get things done?
Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen
Should I set goals for myself?

Should I Set Goals? [and How to NOT Mess it Up]

With so many productivity gurus and self-help experts promoting goal setting, we can often overlook scenarios when goal setting goes wrong. Here are the things that I have discovered about the dark side of goal setting and how to counterbalance them.
Jack Cao
Jack Cao