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Habitify reached 1111111 users


A big milestone of 1,111,111 users! We are celebrating this with a HUGE GIVEAWAY OF PREMIUM ACCOUNTS, check it out here if you haven't got our premium versions!
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It’s been a long, challenging, and rewarding journey for us all: your journey of habit building and personal growth, and our journey of accompanying you. 

1,111,111 users - after 4 years of development, it is still much to our astonishment every time Habitify team take a look back and see how much Habitify Community has grown. Yes, we are indeed very HAPPY and PROUD, and we’d love to share these special moments with you all, our beloved users.

To celebrate this huge milestone, we are doing a HUGE GIVEAWAY OF PREMIUM ACCOUNTS, so those of you guys who haven’t got our Premium versions, head up! 

Here is how the giveaway goes

1. When to Play: From Wednesday, June 7, 2020, till Sunday, June 28, 2020, GMT+7 hours

2. Where to Play: Instagram & Twitter

3. How to Play: (super easy)

3.1 On Instagram:

  • Step 1: Follow @habitify.me
  • Step 2: Like this post
  • Step 3: Share this post on your story & tag us (if your account is private, send us a dm so that we know you’ve completed the step)
  • Step 4: Tag 3 friends you would like to share the Premium accounts with

3.2 On Twitter:

  • Step 1: Follow @habitifyapp
  • Step 2: Like this tweet 
  • Step 3: Retweet this tweet & tag us 

4. Who Wins: 03 randomly selected players on Instagram and 03 randomly selected others on Twitter

5. What You’ll Get :

5.1 For those on Instagram, each of 03 selected players will get:

  • 01 Habitify lifetime premium account
  • 03 Habitify 3-month premium packages

5.2 For those on Twitter, each of 03 selected players will get:

  • 01 Habitify lifetime premium account
  • 02 Habitify 3-month premium packages

5.3 Bonus: 01 out of 03 winners on each platform will get an extra gift: a 06-month Premium account on Spendee - an amazing personal finance app for young modern users. Financial habits are super important, without a doubt.

That’s it. 

We hope that this little good fun celebration will nicely spark more new, exciting self-improvement journeys in our Habitify community. 

Once again, it’s been such a pleasure for us to be supporting this huge community of amazing people, and we will not let you down. More awesome updates coming, so stay tuned!