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Round up of Success Stories

The Success (Stories) in Our (Five) Stars Ratings

Alan Nguyen
Alan Nguyen
Alan shared his process of contacting over 200 Habitify users to find out how Habitify has made an impact on their overall success in their life.
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Every app developer aims at one thing: changing people’s lives.

I mean, something like this:

A happy user on App Store

Or this

A power user on email

I cannot count the number of such emails or reviews, and every time they reach our inbox, the day just gets so much brighter.


I always feel something is left behind.

What do they mean by “change their life” or “establish new habits”?

Do the 5 stars of this user means the same as the 5 stars of another one?

Happy, but not satisfied, I decided to take a step further to find out the truth. I want to hear and see for myself, and, just like you, I want to unveil the real stories behind the five stars.

So I reached out to around ~200 members of Habitify who have been using the app for more than a year and ask them about their stories.

That, my friend, is the worthiest thing I have ever done.

I talked to students, CEO, software developers, designers, managers, all sort of people from all walks of life.

I talked to Edward who has 79 habits on their list but still successfully manages his job as a Vice President of Financial Analysis at Bank of America.

Here’s his story.

I talked to Ilya who went from an alcoholic to superhuman swimming under the 4-Celsius-degree water of Russia.

Here’s his story.

I talked to Ana who freelances on multiple projects, takes care of two of her cats while studying biochemistry to alleviate her own Chronic Fatigue.

Here’s her story.

After hours of talking, the only thing I wish is for App Stores and Google Play Store to have a “Success Stories” section beside the ratings and reviews.

These are true stories of true people that experience Habitify and become better.

Here, I’m not trying to solely attribute their whole success to a single app (as a matter of fact, in my stories with them, I did mention several apps, books, and techniques they use over the years). However, I can ascertain one fact for sure that habits have shaped them and lead them to this wonderful version. Since we’re talking about habits, I’m sure Habitify plays a role.

To summarize the common thing that Habitify brings about to all of these people, I’d like to quote Ana:

It’s the peace of mind. It’s good to feel like the thing I’m doing at the moment is exactly the thing that I want to do.

I have personally learned a lot just by talking with people who have lived for several years and lives ahead of me.

As a Habitify team member, I know each and every day I wake up to help somebody become better.

I will continue doing this for a few times a week and will send newly curated stories at the end of every week. Subscribe below, and I’m sure, at some points, you’ll find yourself reflected in my stories.

Alan, Habitify Team.