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Habitify Web: Forming Habits From Your Browser

Alan Nguyen
Alan Nguyen
Have you ever noticed how smoothly your phone takes you away for hours from just a moment logging in a habit tracker app? Welcome to no more distractions with the release of the first, fully-functional habit tracker for the https world.
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For the past few years, giant tech companies have been unimaginably successful in compacting more capacity in our 5–6-inch devices.

It’s not sci-fi anymore to say that our phones are mini-computers on which we can complete almost all daily tasks.

Until they become a source of distraction.

The flip side of a powerful phone with more memories is that we can (or are lured to) create a larger-than-life life there (pun intended!). That means, games, documents, songs, client contact, pictures, slack, chats, are all in one place. Before we can really get things done — and by things I mean work — we’ll have to take a walk through the tombstones of distraction.

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Stuck on the phone and you’re lost in the middle of distractions

For years, I have been researching and surveying my app users and I realize that most of them (if not all) choose to turn down the app reminder system because they are “already overwhelmed with too many notifications”

This led me to believe that the current method of habit tracking [by mobile phones] is growing obsolete as people become busier. Here are two reasons.

Companies are encouraging people to stay away from their phones

Apple is broadcasting its concern for users’ phone usage.

When that concern is transferred to users in the means of “Screen time” and “Downtime” (the features that lock certain apps in our iPhone at a particular time), people are more aware of their phone addiction and start to take action.

And what is it? We look at our phones less. We intentionally avoid turning it on because we’re feared it would wake the Instagram-addict-soul up.

Besides Apple, many developers are making apps to help us focus on real things like Flipd or Forest by rewarding us to stay away from our phones.

Obviously now going to our phone to check the habits [without doing anything else] seems like a mission impossible.

We’re (still) mainly working on laptops

Although there has been an increase of 34% in the number of people considering their phone is the most important to access the web, we still cannot deny the designation of our laptops for work.

Phones may be used to work on the go. But the real work, the sit-down work, needs a laptop.

Many of my users have gone on a phone-diet. They don’t use phones for most of their day, especially during work. So the thought of inducing them to check the phones to form habits [like traditional apps are doing] does not seem to be fruitful.

So that leads us to the question: How to form habits without looking at the phone?

To resolve this, we move habit tracking to 14–15-inch devices — our laptops — where work happens (thanks Slack!)

Forming habits right from your browser

The idea of a web habit tracker has been around for long, and there are actually some pioneers. However, they are mostly side projects and thereby not carefully invested.

We’re different. We have built a habit tracker for iOS and Android.

Now, we build Habitify Web for those who want to have a keto-phone-genic life.

Technically, Habitify Web will have the same functions as the version on our phone or laptop, with a slightly different interface.

Habitify - The Best Multi-Platform Habit Tracker

Nevertheless, on Habitify Web, you’ll receive the latest update without having to wait like on your phone. Hit refresh and all the newest updates will be pulled to your browser.

Also, contrary to what most think, you don’t necessarily have to keep the app on a tab to receive reminders. Once you set it up, allow it to send notifications to your laptop, you can rest assured that you’ll always be alerted on time.

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The web version is also designed to improve your experience in Notes and Progress.


Typing on phones might be arduous for many, so we make sure when you’re on a laptop, you’ll not only have more room for typing but also can view notes in comparison with all the days on the calendar. This helps you better track your achievements/failures.

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With more screen real estate, it’s swift and easy to view your stats in a single scroll. Those stats will go with you whether you use a Mac, a Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone or Blackberry. So no worries if you have a personal laptop and a company one. You’ll still be able to see all the nitty-gritty details of your habit list.

Regaining your work-life balance

The beauty of a web tracker is that it can give you a nudge while working, especially when you turn on Do Not Disturb mode in your phone.

With Habitify Web, you will not forget drinking water or stand up and stretch every few hours. It is especially essential if you’re a developer, designer or student who will [not hesitate to] spend hours working on a project.

And who would argue about the beauty of being able to look (again and again) at your beautiful streaks with only one click?

A shining example of the application of Habitify Web is one of our users— Michael. He’s a senior developer who works in a big corporation. This leaves him no space for himself from 9–5. His only friend is his laptop screen.

But since the man is a worshipper of meditation, he uses Habitify Web excessively to remind him to go to the toilet every 2 hours for a quick session. Of course, he does miss some and catches some, but overall he still manages to do 3–4 sessions a day.

This is how he sets it up!

Now while his colleagues might think he has some kidney problems, Michael has reported being more productive and mindful throughout the day.


It’s likely that our phones are taking away too much of our time, mostly for things that matter little. Therefore, it’s a good idea to try out a phone detox and navigate your work, either professional or personal development, through laptop screens. 

Habitify Web version is available to help you form habits right from your browser, stop wandering on your phone, view your progress easier, and start living days of better efficiency.