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Julie Nguyen

Julie is an avid practitioner of personal development and minimalism. Habitify Blog is where she seeks to spread the power of this combination through well-rounded, actionable articles on habit building.

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Habit tracking methods, how to track my habits, bullet journal habit tracker or habit tracking app
Habitify Academy

Habit Tracking Methods - Which One Is For You?

The journey of building habits is all about consistency. Therefore, it’s best to keep a habit tracker along the way. However, with so many ways to track habits, how to know which one is the best for you?
reading habit tracker, develop reading habit with Habitify, reading habit for busy people
Habitify Academy

Develop Reading Habit with Habitify

Being a book-enthusiast doesn’t mean we can always keep up our reading habit. That’s why you would need some strategies and support from a habit tracker like Habitify. Here's how.
How often should i review my goals
Habit Building

How Often Should I Review My Goals?

Once we set up goals, it’s crucial that we review them regularly to make sure we’re on track. But how regular would it be best for peak performance? Daily, weekly, monthly, or annually?
Why you can't have goals
Habit Building

Why Can't I Have Goals?

Since goals have been fairly thought of as the ultimate way to success, the frustration of being unable to find a goal could be harsh. Feeling of emptiness, confusion and anxiety about our life and our future grows day after day. What is happening to us?
How many goals should I set at once for personal development
Habit Introduction

How Many Goals Should I Set At Once? [Personal Development]

So many of us have set up too many goals only to find ourselves achieving few to none of them. It’s just hard to handle everything at once. We then realize that we should have fewer goals to focus on, but how few, exactly, to get things done?