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Jack Cao

Jack Cao

Having a passion to crack the million dollar question: "What creates extraordinary people?", Jack becomes a guinea pig for personal development. He seeks out to create the best articles on habit building and personal development in the quest to build Habitify Blog

Latest Articles

3 ways to improve your money management habits
Personal Development

3 Ways to Improve Your Money Management Habits

We all struggle with having a healthy respect for our finances. After all, it has more to do with the way you control money, rather than the amount you earn. Money management skill comes with practice and is more than just being on the path to financial independence.
steps fo form a new habit with Habitify
Habit Building Guide

7 Steps to Form a New Habit with Habitify [Guide]

Are you trying to form new healthy and high-performance habits that will help you achieve your goals? Are you tired of being your own enemy? Why is it so much more difficult to form a healthy habit than to form a bad one?
Improve your productivity by having a cool hobby
Personal Development

How Hobbies can Drastically Improve Your Productivity

The source for your next boost in productivity may surprise you. You might think that hobbies are simply a distraction from your career or even a waste of time but actually picking up a well-thought-out hobby can give you so many unexpected benefits in your mental capacity. The important part is knowing what kind of hobby to take on and understand all the benefits that this strategy may bring.
good work from home habits
Habit Building Guide

3 Productive Work-From-Home Habits

Work From Home has become the new norm in recent times. Learn how to optimize your productivity with these habits and get the most out of every day.
meditation for gratitude
Personal Development

How to Meditate for Gratitude

To increase satisfaction and the happiness level of life, gratitude is a must in our daily package. Here is a simple four-step guide to combining tactics scientifically proven to help us live a more grateful life.
habits to make you more successful at work
Personal Development

3 Necessary Habits to Make You More Successful at Work

The right habits can make ordinary people deliver extraordinary quality in their work. Here are 3 must-have habits for everyone to become successful in this fast-changing world.
Habits of Morning People
Habit Building Guide

5 Habits of Morning People

Becoming a morning person is a struggle for many of us. We know the benefits of having an early start to our day yet actually experience those early sunlights is a completely different story! Why is it so difficult to be a morning person? What can be done to make it easier?
Meditation for concentration
Personal Development

How to Meditate for Focus and Concentration

For most of us, meditation would not come to mind when trying to find ways to increase focus and productivity. This is understandable. When it comes to the benefits of meditation, most of us think about relaxing or reducing stress. While this is true, meditation offers limitless opportunities for personal improvement, including increasing focus and productivity.
Example of personal goals for students
Habit Building Guide

5 Goals that Set Students for Success (In-depth)

As a student, thinking about the future can give us both excitement and anxiety. With so much uncertainty ahead, here are 5 examples of personal goals that can prepare students for future success.
Colto's CTO pursuing his passion of learning Japanese
Success Story

How Colto’s CTO Pursued his Passion for Learning Japanese

After talking with Davide, he blew me away with his story of how he managed to work a fulltime job as the Chief Technology Officer of Colto, an award-winning game development agency, and pursue his passion for learning Japanese in the past 3 years.
Meaningful goals in life
Personal Development

7 Meaningful Goals in Life (In Depth)

Chasing meaningful goals brings purpose and happiness into our lives. They are the compass leading to a fulfilled life full of growth and impact. These are 7 goals that can kickstart your journey to a more meaningful life.
Deadly mistakes in goal-setting
Personal Development

10 Deadly Goal Setting Mistakes in Personal Development

The wrong intention from the start already ruins our process: setting goals to impress other people, refusing to go beyond our Comfort Zone… and then we make more mistakes during the tracking and implementation. These are 10 goal-setting mistakes that I have gathered through personal experience, as well as learned from the top performers.
Should I set goals for myself?
Personal Development

Should I Set Goals? [and How to NOT Mess it Up]

With so many productivity gurus and self-help experts promoting goal setting, we can often overlook scenarios when goal setting goes wrong. Here are the things that I have discovered about the dark side of goal setting and how to counterbalance them.
Why goal setting is important for students
Personal Development

Why Goal Setting Is Important for Students

Goal setting is an invaluable skill for students as they serve as the tools to not only solve immediate problems, but also foster a student’s confidence to go after his lifetime ambition.
Why goal setting is important for leaders
Personal Development

Why Goal Setting Is Important For Leaders

Whether you are a solo-entrepreneur, a manager of a small team or you just want to know more about leadership, understands the importance of setting goals will be a highly effective skill set worth mastering.
Why goal setting is difficult
Personal Development

Why Goal Setting Is So Hard

Through countless failures at goal setting, now I have grown wiser in the art of setting goals and understood what are the common traps that we often fall into. Realizing how these traps are getting in the way of achieving your goals can save you months and years of fruitless and frustrating actions.
How to start a bullet journal
Personal Development

How to Start Your First Bullet Journal in 2020 [An Illustrated Guide]

Introduced among the digital age, an analog system takes the world by storm by bringing productivity, mindfulness into our lives through a beautifully organized notebook. Learn how to start your own bullet journal through this guide.
5 journaling ideas for self improvement, journal for self improvement, 2020 journal prompts
Personal Development

5 Journaling Ideas for Self-Improvement for 2020

Journaling Ideas for a better life and explosive growth in your personal development, productivity, mental clarity, and self-awareness.
how to start journaling, how to start a journal
Personal Development

How to Start Journaling in 2020

We all know Journaling is one the most helpful tools to sharpen your minds, boost your productivity and increase your self-awareness. In this guide, you will know every step of the way to start your journal in your own way plus a few bonus tips to get more from your journals.
how to stop being lazy
Personal Development

How To Stop Being Lazy: Observe Your Cats

We have all been taught that laziness is one of the biggest enemies of living a good life. But that is not always true, according to Peter, there is deep laziness in nature that we learn from and integrate to live life more holistically. Understanding deep laziness will make our life less stressful, more space for peace and quiet, to understand more about ourselves and stop letting extrinsic motivation dictate our inner world.