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How It Works?

Habit building in its essential steps: choose a habit, actually remember to do it, and track your development.

1. Set up your Habits

String together a list of habits to create your daily routines and start your journey.

2. Get the Cue

Stay accountable and never forget your habits with multiple reminders.

3. See your Progress

View your habit development through the weeks and months with detailed reports.

Habitify in Action

See how Habitify can enhance your habit-building process

Harness the Power of Data

Get the tactical information you need to level up your habits.
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The Golden Keys

Habitify lets you set time-specific reminders or multiple reminders each day for habits.
Editor Choice
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"It helps me to monitor my goal routines and keeps me in the know about my bad habits as well. Kudos to the team!"
"The quickest I’ve ever bought premium on an app! I hope I don’t regret it but it’s good so far"
"I have tried them all, finally sth that is worth it. User friendly, nice dashboards, hitting all my habits!"
Learning Japanese - 1097 days straight
“Never stop learning is the motto I truly strive for every day, whether it’s coding, building up a business, or pursuing my passion for Japanese culture.”
— Davide Jones, CTO at Colto
Meditation - 730 days in a row
“Being a happier, healthier, and more relaxed person has contributed enormously to success in my professional job.”
— Kirk Strauser, Staff Platform Engineer at Amino
Developed 7 Routines for Peaceful Productivity
“It’s good to feel like the thing I’m doing at the moment is exactly the thing that I want to do.”
— Ana Sofia Pinho
Reading Business Articles - 103 days straight
“Keeping myself informed about what is happening around the world definitely improves my professional capacity. It also opens up more interesting conversations!”
— Mike Goodner, Quality & Reliability Manager at Intel

One habit development journey.

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