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Start your day right with a clear, organized schedule that keeps you on track for success. Here’s an example of how your day with Habitify could look:
8 AM
8:30 AM
Plan the day
9 AM
10 AM
9:30 AM
Healthy Lunch
12 PM
Connect with a colleague
2 PM
Express gratitude
4 PM
8 PM
Wind Down
9 PM
Disconnect from screens
9:30 PM
Prepare for tomorrow
10 PM

Stay Empowered by
Your Progress

Scientific studies show that tracking your progress can significantly boost your chances of successfully building and maintaining habits.
Fuel your journey with insightful metrics, celebrate your milestones, and stay motivated on your path to success.
A habit tracker app showing users history via calendar representationA habit tracker app showing streaksA habit tracker app showing yearly completion on calendar

Level Up the Fun with


Engage in friendly competitions and participate in monthly challenges to make habit-building a more exhilarating journey.
Challenge your Friends. Boost your habit-forming journey with a bit of friendly rivalry.
Join Monthly Challenge. Climb the leaderboards, make habit formation fun and rewarding.
Habit challenges, leaderboards

Innovative Tools for
Habit Mastery

Unlock a world of possibilities with our comprehensive toolkit, designed to ensure your success in habit-building.

Built-in Timer

Our intuitive built-in timer helps you stay focused, improving your productivity and saving you valuable time.

Built-in Notes

Capture and reflect on your thoughts, fostering self-awareness and enabling continuous growth.

Mood Tracking

Track your emotional health, understand its effects on your habits, and create a holistic approach to self-improvement.

Privacy Lock

Preserve your privacy with our secure feature, safeguarding your personal habit data.

Apple Health Sync

Synchronize your health data from Apple Health, achieving a comprehensive view of your wellness journey.

Google Fit Sync

Seamlessly integrate with Google Fit, effortlessly tracking your fitness milestones.

API Access

Personalize your habit tracking experience with API access, facilitating advanced customization.

Zapier, IFTT Connect

Link Habitify with your favorite apps, automating your habit tracking for a smooth, intuitive experience.

Apple Calendar Sync

Synchronize your habit schedule with Apple Calendar, facilitating effortless organization and planning.

Proven Success Stories

Habitify isn't just loved by our users - we've also been recognized by industry leaders. Featured as the App of the Day on the Apple App Store, we're committed to delivering quality, effectiveness, and a platform for genuine transformation.
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“Habitify isn’t about the bells and whistles. Its aim is to cut through the noise to concentrate your mind. The interface is simple and organized, with all your habits presented in a calendar and ordered chronologically, so you can see your day measured out in goals.”
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“Before Habitify, I struggled with managing my time effectively and often felt overwhelmed. But the app has helped me create a well-structured routine and stick to it. I've improved my productivity, and I feel more balanced and in control. It's made a big difference in both my professional and personal life”
Jennifer Ellison
Product Manager
“Habitify is a game-changer for me. I've been able to set fitness goals and maintain consistency, all while tracking my progress. The app not only tracks my habits but also motivates me to keep going. Now, I've achieved my fitness goals faster than I ever thought possible.”
Thomas Maxwell
Fitness Enthusiast
“As an entrepreneur, my days are extremely busy. Habitify has helped me create a daily routine that keeps me grounded, focused, and productive. I love the built-in timer and the ability to track my moods, which has improved my work-life balance significantly.”
John McLemore
“I was having trouble balancing my studies, part-time job, and personal life. Habitify helped me organize my day better, kept me motivated, and turned my life around. My grades have improved, and I still find time for self-care.”
Carol Hardison

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